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About Jeanette T. Queen

Jeanette T. Queen has always had a vivid imagination, and loved to act out her own stories as a child. Perhaps it was inevitable that she would call grappling with words and language a career—and loving every moment. She is an independent author who loves sharing her stories with others who love a fun-filled fantasy adventure. She is also a huge supporter of her fellow Indie Authors. She reviews Indie author books on her various social media sites and champions the Indie author in anyway she can.

She is a mom of two amazing kids. Her oldest was diagnosed with food allergies at the tender age of two. At which point Jeanette took up the mantel of food allergy Mom and advocate. Jeanette wants her kids to know that dreams can come true no matter how old they may be.

Fun fact, Jeanette is a professional hypnotist and soul coach. Getting her education at the The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Phoenix AZ In early 2021.

Get in touch to discover more about her work, writing process and future endeavors.

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